Message form B.O.M



Following the Government of Kenya’s requirement for performance contracting, it is imperative for educational institutions to embrace strategic planning.
This is because strategic planning provides an overall direction to the management of the school to achieve success. This is because it is a blue print of what the school intends to accomplish and how it will get there.
Workers High School is a young school, sitting its first KCSE Examination this year 2016.  As a result, the educational standards need to be raised for it to compete favourably with other secondary schools in the country as the entry behavior of the  students is very low; between 170-250 KCPE marks.
In the endeavor for value addition to the students, the entire school fraternity embraces strategic management as a tool for ensuring their academic success.
This document seeks to chart the way forward to ensure the nurturing of students to help them realize their full potential. The strategic planning team identified relevant strategic goals and objectives and developed an implementation matrix with measurable indicators that would assist in the realization of strategic goals.
I am optimistic that this Strategic Plan will enhance success in the institution.

Mr.Kariuki Wa Gakinya
Board Chairperson.