Profile of Departments


Profile of Departments and staff
The current organization structure of the school is based on the core functions and is intended to present the optimal arrangement to deliver services efficiently and effectively. The school revises the structure on a need –to-be-basis to, take into account changes in the environment.

The school’s organization structure is arranged according to the core outputs with support departments. The current structure is composed of the following departments.
⦁    Languages
⦁    Mathematics
⦁    Sciences
⦁    Humanities
⦁    Technical
⦁    Games
⦁    Guidance and career counseling
⦁    Finance and Accounts
⦁    Procurement
⦁    Examinations
⦁    Store keeping and catering.
⦁    Clubs and societies

There are Heads of departments while in each department we have subject heads and subject teachers.