strength and weaknessess


Strengths  and  Weaknesses
Workers high School possesses some attributes that mirror its strengthened ability to offer quality Education. These include:
Financial support from the Govt grants, CDF and the parents.
Technical support from the Teachers Service Commission.
Material and financial support from the sponsor.
Dedicated and committed staff.
Disciplined students.
Strategic Location of the school in relation to infrastructure.
Willing cooperation between teachers, parents, BOM, students, community and the sponsor.
Rich catchment of students.  

 Certain elements of the school have adversely affected the achievement of goals in the past 3 years.

These include:
Inadequate physical facilities.
Inadequate number of staff
Inadequate land for expansion
Inadequate funding
Inadequate teaching learning materials, textbooks, chemicals and equipment
Poor student entry behavior and therefore poor attitude towards education.
The presence of a school culture that is inconsistent with success; e.g. time wastage, noisemaking, pessimism e.t.c.
Low level of collective responsibility within the school fraternity has deprived it of effectiveness in a achieving its goals
Opportunities    Threats
There are a number of external conditions that have uplifted the school. They are:
Relatively stable political environment.
Favorable Ministry of Education policy framework
Improved economic growth thereby empowering the school community.
Dispensation of the new constitution/ devolution.
Proximity to urban areas    On the other hand there are several external conditions that pose a risk to Workers High School’s ability to meet its objectives. They are:
Increasing competition from both private and public schools
Influence of urbanization in relation to drug and substance abuse.
Rising inflation.
Relatively high teacher turn-over interfering with the smooth running of school operations.