WORKERS PRINCIPALWorkers high School is a single streamed mixed day public secondary school situated in the North of Nakuru town off the Nakuru-Nyahururu  highway from Nakuru town. It is located in Nakuru county, Nakuru North sub-county and Kiamaina location in Rurii sub-location.

The school was founded in the year 2013 through the Nakuru Workers Primary School and community effort as way to cater largely for the children in the surrounding estates and farms.
 The first students moved into a nusery school classroom that was temporarily donated by the mother primary school. i.e Nakuru Workers Primary School.

WORKERS HIGH SCHOOLThe enrolment of the school has grown from 18 in June 2013 to 226 in February 2016. The number of teachers has grown from 1 in June 2013 to 9 in February 2016. The support staff has grown from zero in June 2013 to 7 in February2016. The teaching /learning materials as well as physical and other facilities have increased gradually.

WORKERS STUDENTSSome of the major milestones include the ability to construct five classrooms, a science laboratory and an unfinished kitchen.
To create offices, one of the classrooms was partitioned. Currently, the students and staff are sharing the toilets with the primary school but with time, it will be possible to construct 3 blocks for the secondary school, (one for the staff and two for the students –girls and boys).

The school will have its first KCSE candidates in November/December 2016.
For the future, the school plans to increase its enrolment to double streamed, improve on student retention as well as attract higher entry behavior for the students. This will also be followed by an increase in the physical facilities.

The Geographical conditions of the area around the school are favorable for farming which is the main activity of the residents, business and there is a favourable infrastructure, resulting to it being a good catchment area for students.